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Since 1995, V.A.V. Consultants’ core competences in tax, accounting, law and finance are a standard of success for our customers

We work closely to our client with the purpose to understand in details their business, their interest, their issues, their opportunities. The right solution provided in the correct time, the right consultation provided in the correct wording and form – we are carrying for our partners’ interests.


Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

V.A.V. Consultants provides bookkeeping and accounting services, including VAT and income tax calculations. We take care of payments, invoicing, controlling and reporting, including preparation of the financial accounts for audit. Our services also include filing of annual accounts and income tax to the authorities.




Advising On Tax

V.A.V. Consultants can help you with your business taxes - before, during, and after tax preparation:


HR & Payroll Services

V.A.V. Consultants covers all aspects of payroll and HR services for employers and employees in Bulgaria. We take care of payroll, contracts, tax, income statements, pension schemes etc. We offer you a HR hotline where we cover the day-to-day questions from the employer and the employees, and we have in depth knowledge about legal and tax issues.



Legal Services

V.A.V. Consultants can provide a range of legal services, related to different aspects of your business and will assist you in the fields that are essential for the business in the following spheres:

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