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Digital Transformation

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Welcome to the world of the Digital Economy or the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. The World of Digital Transformation of the work of Human Experts

date: 12-04-2019

The world, in general, is radically changing. Business rules also undergo dramatic changes. The new day-to-day experience creates new technologies that completely change business processes and models across industries. This new reality is called "Digital Economy and Digital Society", for which in 2022 digital skills will be required for 90% of jobs. The transformation for the digital age requires your business to upgrade its strategic behavior with regard to process optimization technologies and, above all, how digital solutions update five key areas of strategy: customers, competition, data, innovation and value.

For the time being, big companies are actively using the benefits of information and communication technology for their digital transformation, but it will also be run along on to small and medium business because they are at the heart of the world's economic potential.

In this sense, digital transformation is no longer an option, but a needful, especially for SMB. The question is not IF, but WHEN the company will rethink its current business model in the new realities of digital technology.

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