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Focused on small and medium businesses, we help you get rid of traditional desktop and heritage infrastructure and take advantage of cloud and other digital technologies to meet your business goals. Our work is extremely innovative and we help our clients to think beyond the existing business processes and "the way things are" to be able to take their business "the way things should be."
We offer a wide range of financial-accounting and tax solutions that help your business and make it profitable. Our financial decisions depend on your choice of how you want to make good investments and how you want to expand. Together with them, we offer flexible and cost-effective accounting services. 

We know that you need not only accounting tools but also software to manage every aspect of your business. To gain greater control over your small or medium-sized enterprise, we offer a single, business-to-business management solution designed to grow with you. This unified solution simplifies your key processes - from accounting and CRM to supply chain management and purchasing, capture and control your entire business information in one scalable system.
You get it all in your own cloud structure or as an outsourcing service built within weeks and at prices you can afford.


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Digital Transformation

Start the Digital Transformation of your enterprise smart and compliant to your plan

Seed Money

Consulting for Targeted Business Solutions of doing business in Bulgaria

Digital Business Management

This is a solution for business owners and managers whose expectations are much more than simply bookkeeping, pay-roll and submitted monthly statements.

Your Powered Cloud Office

Office 365 is a only place for great unbeatable teams

Office 365 - Team task management

Forget the chaos of teamwork and do more work! Office 365 Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat for what you do,