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We work side-by-side with executives to help their companies create competitive advantages through strategic corporate finance.


Our financial services are completed concept from the inception of the business idea continuing in time toward corporate implementation and then the maintenance during its business life cycle. To achieve our set of objectives, we apply a combination of methods of the Managerial and the Financial Accounting.


On the seed stage of the business life cycle is when the business is just a thought or an idea we usually associate it with our application of Financial Projections and Analysis. Together with executives, we modeling process as they distill the essence of the business into a manageable number of core assumptions and cause-and-effect relationships so that the management can distinguish between what is important and what is not.


Here are six good reasons to project your financials:


On the stage the business is born and exists legally, we offer a kit of company Set-up tools.


VAV has developed a reputation for knowledge, integrity and accuracy in the servicing of complex accounting and taxation issues according the Bulgarian and the European Union legislation. The decision that we propose is specific and flexible for the exact needs of our clients. We take care of administrative obligations and assist our client with all business needs. We deliver services such as Accounting Consultancy, Financial Management Services and Tax Advising Services.


Consultants at VAV guide with the planning, growth and structuring of client’s business. Key issues such as strategy, technology and change management are all addressed. We focus our consultancy on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organization.

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