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Today, following the recent global recession, we see a real revival of the entrepreneurial spirit and more and more start-up activities ever since. As a result, the ratings of successful start-ups have reached the highest level, the IPO's returns as an exit strategy, funding for start-ups is more affordable than ever before, business start-up costs are low.

Digital transformation has turned the world into a single market, both homogeneous and heterogeneous. Entrepreneurs can now think globally about the possibility, from day one, but start at a local level. This approach, commonly known as "glocalization" (a combination of globalization and localization), means that you design and offer global solutions that have a common meaning for any local market you plan to attack.

So, the digital entrepreneur was born.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy achievement. It takes extra time, thought and energy to overcome the obstacles that prevent the launch. We can offer you technological solutions to facilitate the day-to-day tasks with solutions from being connected to their clients through Skype for business, they can easily share their work with their team through OneDrive for Business, to maintain professional reputation with Office Suite - these are just a few tools that entrepreneurs can use to improve of their business.



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