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We are providing for over 22 years the full range of accounting services and corporate financial management, supported by relevant tax advising and well-staffed for HR management and payroll services. Our services are completed concept from the inception of the business idea continuing in time toward corporate implementation and then the maintenance during its business life cycle. To achieve our set of objectives, we apply a combination of methods of the Managerial and Financial Accounting. We work side-by-side with executives to help their companies create competitive advantage through strategic corporate finance.

Today, we are responding to the challenge of "digital transformation" by providing our portfolio with digital solutions. Digital Accounting, Digital Finance is part of our ERP's online business solution. Our strategy is based on the Cloud Computing concept as a combination of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, MS Dynamics 365 and MS Office 365 proposing solutions as an integrated enterprise process management system.

Our focus is on SMEs - the engine of the European economy, whether it is an enterprise with 10 or 250 persons employed. Size isn’t everything, it is more important the mutual interests in the exploitation of unprecedented opportunities for business innovation in the context of digital society.


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The customer satisfaction can only be achieved through partners' expertise and product know-how. That's why our affiliate program includes awards for your engagement.



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