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While the benefits from the employer’s point of view may be obvious, shift work can have some advantages for employees


As the need for extended operating hours grows, more and more organizations are adopting work schedules that require longer and/or multiple shifts.

HR managers are often asked to ensure that the schedule satisfies both the business requirements and preferences of the workforce. However, if they are new to the job or unfamiliar with shift schedules, this can be quite a challenge.


Here are the basic steps they need to follow:


Analysis of the features in the working time in your Company


Drafting of an Employer’s Order for accumulated calculation of the working time arranging:


Drafting a personalized working schedule for the period of accumulated calculation.


Actualisation of the Internal Labour Regulations and Internal Rules for the Salary Organization


Execution of SWT by V.A.V Consultants

Execution of set-up payroll system for SWT can be also as a part of subscription contract with us. Do not miss that! 

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